1.  How have the 3 books read in this class changed your way of looking at digital media, if at all?

2.  Which of the three books read has proven most valuable to your own views and explain why.

3.  How has this class expanded on any ideas you had regarding digital economics before the class started?

1.  If you believe ISBF will eventually occur, how far off do you believe we are from this being an accpeted policy and why do you think it will occur?

2.  If you do not believe ISBF will become the accepted policy, why don’t you think we accept it?

3.  With money not being the biggest hurdle in order to produce content that the entire web viewing population can view, what is the best way to distinguish oneself among the plethora of content creators?

1.  How has reading the Long Tail affected your views on marketing?

2.  Where do you predict the market for digital content (music and Tv/movies, software. ect.) is headed?

3.  How has “free” affected the market the most?