In a world where every vote counts, why not make it as easy as possible for voters to cast their votes?  With the widespread use of the Internet, using this Digital Democracy would surely be the easiest way to encourage every eligible person in the country to vote, right?  As a native of Florida who has always been irked at the memory of the botched election of 2000, I never want to hear about hanging chads or recounts ever again.  With the click of a mouse, a vote can be cast with no room for doubt, and certainly wont be subjected to the analysis of a daft old fool from Dade county.

So this all sounds great and wonderful, a digital age of voting that is accurate and easy.  However, the use of the Internet to vote would not be the only digital impact on politics.  There are other ways to harness its power to influence elections.  We are seeing a changing landscape in the world pf political campaigns, as described in an article by Kevin A. Pirch, titled Bloggers At the Gates: Ned Lamont, Blogs, and the Rise
of Insurgent Candidates